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The History of the FIFA World Cup Football Trophy.

There are lots of trophies offered for different sporting endeavors to day, nevertheless one of the most famous of those is the FIFA World cup. Yet what many people do not realize is the FIFA World Cup Trophy awarded to-day has only been in existence since 1974. Prior to the date these countries that were winners of the particular sporting occasion were given the Jules Rimet Trophy as an alternative.

The primary cause why a new FIFA trophy was released was in 1970 Brazil were awarded the Jules Rimet Trophy out right as they’d won this competition 3 times. As these were were given this particular trophy therefore the FIFA needed to arrange to get a new trophy to be built to to displace it. The new FIFA World Cup trophy was then introduced to the successful Country in 1974 and this was West Germany who at the time were captained by Franz Beckenbauer. The trophy which they were given was created by by Silvio Gazzaniga and created by Bertoni Milano.

This trophy just such as the Jules Rimet one before is extremely elaborate in style. On the body there are two figures shown supporting the Earth as well as on its centered are engraved “FIFA World Cup” in outpouring letters. The real trophy is manufactured from 18-carat solid gold and weighs a total of 11lb and steps to a peak of 14. 4 inches. To ensure that the cup stands properly the base which measures a width of 5. 1 inches-has been made from a strong carbonate mineral identified as Malachite.
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To be in a position to see the names of the winning nations with this particular trophy it needs to be turned upside down. This is since the names and dates when the trophy was won are engraved on plaques in English on the underside of the foundation.
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Today there are still enough plaques available to allow a further 9 nations to have their winning particulars positioned on this particular trophy. It is only after the FIFA World Cup Competition in 2038 will a selection need to be made as to whether this specific trophy should be retired and replaced with a new one.

The main cause because of this is that following Italy winning your competition in 2006 after the FIFA World Cup Trophy have been restored it was broken. A number of days after the trophy have been presented to Italy pictures appeared in newspapers showing a little bit of the Malachite foundation had broken-off. The damage to the trophy was re paired but to be able to prevent this type of situation in the potential the FIFA decided no longer to allow the successful country to retain the trophy until another tournament.

The FIFA World-Cup Trophy reproduction the winning nation now receive is the same size as the original. However, unlike the initial these are not created from sound gold but rather they use gold plating instead. With this kind of rich history and tradition in the FIFA world cup, one can easily see why it stays one of the most popular trophies and most-watched tournaments on earth. Many youthful footballers wish to to one-day perform in the World-Cup one day.