6 Ways to keep facial skin & still youthful


Facial skin is the body part most at risk of damage. Almost every day clad in makeup, exposed to sunlight and also pollution.

No doubt faces often experience many problems, such as acne, dull, and wrinkles. Facial wrinkles problem is inevitable, because over time our skin will experience aging.

Do not Let Your Face Wrinkle Before Time. Perform These 6 Steps To Keep Your Skin Face Straight And Ageless!

But this wrinkling can happen prematurely if we do not care. As a result, at a relatively young age our faces even look older. Well, in order for this does not happen, there are some tips to keep your skin taut and keeps young. Check out the way here!

  1. Know the causes of facial wrinkles, and find ways to avoid and anticipate them.

Some of the factors that cause the most wrinkling of the skin are exposure to sunlight, cigarette smoke, alcoholic beverages, and lazy to clean the makeup.

To anticipate UV exposure, wear sunscreen wherever you go and whatever the weather. Avoid tobacco smoke, because it makes the skin deprived of oxygen, damage the collagen in the skin.

Alcoholic beverages cause dehydrated skin, and adversely affect vitamin A levels in the skin. Where vitamin A has an important role in triggering collagen production.

  1. Use always a cream that is suitable for your face, so that the skin is not dry, dehydrated and look younger.

Instantly Ageless cream is very useful to keep the facial moisture and make the face more ageless. When facial skin is often dry, then the risk of wrinkles becomes greater. Use this cream every time you wash your face.

But before using it, make sure you know your skin type first. If your face includes oily skin, then use a non-oil moisturizer to prevent acne breakouts.

  1. The benefits of sports can not be denied. Regular exercise will guarantee you to look younger.

Exercise can facilitate blood circulation in the body, so that the supply of oxygen and nutrients more smoothly, the skin so maintained health.

The exercise routine also makes the metabolism better. Sweat that comes out after exercise can also clean up the pores clogged by dirt and oil, so the skin becomes cleaner and brighter.

  1. Make massage and facial gymnastics so that facial muscles become more relaxed, this will make the skin become more supple and toned.

Facial massage and facial massage proven to make facial skin more radiant and can delay the aging process. Massaging or doing facial exercises will make the tense muscles become more relaxed.

When the muscle moves, then the blood circulation so smoothly, so the face so look more fresh, bright and cheerful. Routine doing this activity can make the face become more supple and tight.

  1. Do not forget the healthy diet pattern, because it can help the process of facial skin rejuvenation faster.

Diet is not solely aiming to lose weight you know. Eating high quality diet foods is also useful to improve skin health. Diet here is controlling food intake with foods rich in fiber, vitamins, protein and nutrients.

Choose vegetables, fruits, and other foods containing protein, fat and omega 3 as your main food menu. If you can keep your intake of eating and eating healthy foods, then the effect is the skin so it looks more healthy, fresh and youthful.

  1. Make a schedule at least once a week to perform facial mask rituals in order to get maximum results.

Facial mask is very useful to help care for beauty. At least, done once a week. For more natural and natural results, use a mask made from natural ingredients.

Well, that was tips that you can do to keep skin firmly fixed and youthful. Nothing wrong with taking the time to provide care on facial skin. As long as it is good for the health of your skin.