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Reasons Why Designers Keep on Making Big Bags.

Designer bags can say a lot about a woman. Small or tiny bags shows a person’s take on life on a smooth note. This kind of woman only needs a bag to put on her essentials. The woman does not carry distractors in the form of luggage. In many cases, she only carries essentials such as her phone, keys and in minimal cases a small pack of lipstick.

There is the other kind of a lady who carries a big bag. She is usually well set for anything she might come across in the day. This lady is organized for her way of life. A phone charger, a snack and a book are some of the items that she might carry along. She is usually not ashamed to walk in the streets carrying all her must-haves.
Designers are aware of the two types of women. Designers do not go questioning them their drive towards either the small or big bag. Designers concentrate on making the bags in a way suitable to these women’s preferences.

The reasons why there is preference over big bags are highlighted below.
Big bag’s multiple uses is one of the reasons. Purchase of a huge bag is an investment. A bag is more significant than just putting belongings in it. Designer bags do match many outfits. Designer bags can be well used many events such as at dinner, in the gym and the office. Big bags efficiently enable this since someone can carry an outfit or two in them. In traveling, big bags are efficient. A woman can put more in a big bag. For a plane ride or beach party over the weekend, one can put all necessities in a big bag. Big bags also assist women who are in school in a big way or those with kids since they can carry books and children toys with them.

Next, people prefer bigger bags than little ones. Designers charge more for big bags. A bag has to be more useful for it to cost a lot. An example is the Louis Vuitton bags where the small bags do not have the adaptability. Higher sizes are traded for a few hundred dollars more. Big bags are efficient since they can hold essentials needed in the day and also at night.

Finally, people no longer have the notion that a bag is too big to use. Women love big bags to adjust them to their needs. The bigger the bag, the greater the woman’s take on her ability to do a couple of things in the day. Different bags to cater for lunch, office, and gyms are no longer necessary. Women can use a perfect designer handbag to cater for all the different events.

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