How to Choose Your Medical Cannabis Licensed Producer (LP)

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Picking which Licensed Producer (LP) to get your medical cannabis from is an important decision.  It might seem like a confusing task but don’t worry – there are plenty of resources, as well as medical professional support to make the correct choice.

To date, Canada offers a total of 32 Licensed Producers that are licensed to sell you medical cannabis.  Not all LP’s are the same and knowing what to look for will require some research on your part.  Bear in mind that you are limited to registering with only one LP using the medical document provided by your doctor.  It is important to make the right choice.

How to research your LP

The first and often the best source for information regarding LP’s is your doctor.  Your medical professional will have referred other patients as well and will have some background knowledge on your options.

Speaking with friends or family (if they have licenses themselves or are informed) is a great idea.  Use them as second or third opinions but your doctor should be your first source.

There are also medical cannabis clinics that specialize in helping patients choose an LP.  These clinics often have in depth knowledge about a potential LP – from product quality to product ordering.  However, it is important to acknowledge that a clinic may have a partnership agreement with certain LP’s, which may or may not influence their recommendations.

Most importantly – do your own research.  Ask your doctor for a list of choices and then look online or schedule a visit to the LP (if possible).  There are many patient reviews available and in-depth documentation provided online or through the LP themselves.

What medical cannabis is right for you?

Normally, getting medicine from your doctor is easy.  You get a prescription and your pharmacy fills it for you.  Easy, done!

Medical cannabis is different in this regard.  Medical cannabis varies from product to product and can affect individuals differently.  Having a variety of choice, so you can find the medical cannabis that gives you the best effect, is important.  Your LP or your doctor may recommend certain strains to combat your ailment but there is no guarantee on functionality without you personally testing it out.  Different LP’s can provide different medicines but you can rest assured that all LP’s are approved by the government.

Licensed Producers and Client Care

How LP’s take care of you is a very important aspect of your choice, and can vary greatly.  It is important that stock and delivery is on time and as requested, but more importantly, your LP should treat you with understanding and compassion, always being ready to provide assistance or advice.  You don’t need any added aggravation when ordering your medicine.  It is recommended to ensure your LP has a department dedicated to customer service.  This is extremely important for online LP’s where there is no actual interaction.  Your LP should also operate transparently, providing resources and tools to help you through the ordering and decision-making process.

Does your doctor approve of your chosen LP?

Even though you are the one consuming the medical cannabis, your doctor will still need to be in contact with the LP.  If your doctor is unable to work properly with the LP for one reason or another this could become a major problem.  Your LP should be as open with your doctor as they are with you.  Your doctor may still be learning about medical cannabis and will need support to help you make informed decisions.  If your LP offers resources and tools to help your doctor provide better care for you, then that is a large step in the right direction.  At INDIVA, numerous resources are available to doctors that aid in providing the best healthcare possible.

Choose an LP that you can trust

Just like any other business, an LP will have certain branding.  This could include their packaging, the colour of their logo or their business philosophy.  It is important not to overlook this aspect because a brand whose manta you agree with will make for a more enjoyable relationship.

Even with all this information, choosing the right LP for you is still not an easy task.  However, if you inform yourself and take your time to make a decision – you’ll end up making the right one!