Moving Forward and Leaving Addiction

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Dealing with an addicted lover is not an easy task. It is typically more difficult in detaching yourself with love. If you also aim to step back and move ahead with your life, we can help you in this. There are some simple pointers which can help you in understanding the perspective of your life and detaching yourself with love.

  • Accept that they are Irrational – Addicts will always find ways to stick to their addictions. They are often irrational at the choices they make and can justify things up to any extent. They are convinced that they are not addicted and can quit anytime easily. When you discuss something with them, they can give you illogical statements and reasoning which have no real connections. You need to understand that you are not an all responsible for all this and you cannot do anything thing in this case.
  • No more Responsible – Understand that you are not responsible for the addiction of your partner. They have chosen this addiction on their own. Merely be holding yourself responsible for alcohol overdose is not a reason to feel guilty. Addicts make their own choices and don’t care about their loved ones. So if you wish to move on in your life understand that you are not responsible for their actions. You need to immediately step back and let them face the consequences of their actions.
  • Put yourself First- it is a general tendency to put your lover first n every decision you make. This remains the same even if the partner is an addict. Listening to their abuse and surrendering to their demands will take you nowhere. You need to understand that it is absolutely fine to put yourself first in the places where you should be. This doesn’t mean that you should ignore the addict. But give priority to your decisions first. This can also include saying a no to their irrational demands or tantrums.
  • Stop giving without Reciprocation – Addicts are known to be the most selfish people because all they care about is their drug or alcohol. They are master in manipulating things, stealing money, telling lies or even emotionally black mailing. You should be able to understand their strategy and control yourself from giving in. This doesn’t mean that you should not help them, but try to restrict things after a certain point. Do not allow them to take unfair advantage from you and your love for them. Stop doing endless favors to them. Give them a reasonable amount of money only. You should try to spend a limited time with them unless and until you see a change in their behavior towards you.
  • Support Group – There are numerous support groups available now days to help the people whose lives are affected due to others addictions. You can join these groups and share your experiences. There are counselors available who can help you with their expert advice in such a situation. There are rehab camps conducted by such groups which can help he addicts get rid of their addictions provided they wanted to do so.

Loving and living with an addict can never be easy. It’s your love and affection which can help them get rid of their addiction and live a clean and sober life. For more details click on