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5 Amazing Ideas for Your Spa Logo Design

Among the most important things in any company is the logo. Ideally, your logo speaks volume about the type of services or product you are offering your clients. If you’re in the Spa business, there are lots of ideas you can incorporate in your logo design to communicate the quality comfort service you provide. The following are a sample of five of the best ideas you may want to begin paying attention to.

Lotus flower

The lotus flower is just one of the perfect logo designs you want to look closely at. Generally, this flower symbolizes spiritual and body wellness the characteristic features with spas. Breaking down the constituents of this blossom, there’s a deeper meaning in it. The flower can also communicate enlightenment, transformation and internal peace.

Tree of existence

As its name suggest, the tree of life could just be your Very best shot at attracting customers into your spa. Universally, the tree of life is a common symbol in the stages of life that is, birth, life, and rebirth. With the promises spas offer to the body, you can use the tree of life as a welcoming symbol to your clients.


Ankh is a common traditional symbol for life in the Egyptians culture. Currently, this emblem is used in film, clothing and even jewelry to communicate strength. Thus in the event that you would like to create an impact and lure clients into your spa you are better of using Ankh to communicate, the confidence your spa’s body massage has at creating regeneration and rebirth to your clients.


Some of the effective practices in massage can be traced by t the Chinese tradition. Therefore, when searching for the perfect spa massage it’s important to pay attention to the Chinese culture. One of the common symbol you can think of is the Yin-yang. This is really a circular object with two segments, half-black and half-white. Yin-yang seeks to convey duality and harmony. Therefore, by using it as your spa symbol it’ll be a constant reminder of the striking balance between the masculine and feminine powers your spa can help harness.


Hamsa is a symbol that is used to convey protection. Ideally it is made up of a hand with and eye in the palm. Characteristically, people visit massage spas to ease and relax the body from pain and stress that may be a resultant of the day’s tasks and activities. In simple layman’s language, the anxiety is that the evil that your health club seeks to wade away. Despite the intricacy of the message, Hamsa is the perfect spa symbol you may have for your spa.

From the above tips, it is evident that there is no shortage of ideas when it comes to massage spa’s logo. Whether you are looking for something complex or a straight forward symbol, the above five symbols will do you good.