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Allowing Nature to Take the Driver’s Seat

The thing is that nature knows what it is doing. Just try to observe things around you. Look at ants as they show you how nature works. It is doing a swell job at it. An ant works depending on its role. Each one of them know what they supposed to do. Ants need not to get a set of instructions. Unlike humans, ants don’t suffer from existential problems. This, of course, can’t be said about humans. Back in time, we know what we’re doing. Our modern living made our lives totally complicated. We may be engaging in a debate on this without end. For all we care, we can debate why Eve went against nature. We are in this rut because we refused to listen to nature any more.

Surely, this idea is something we can impress to any aspect of our life. Just take a longer look of our health. Our bodies work on its own without any direct supervision coming from us. Our ability to breathe is completely independent and something we need not to tell the body to do so. In a way, nature has a hold over them and our lives that way. We have tried to dictate what our bodies should be doing, and we have failed miserably.

Our attempts to dictate our bodies, we have become unhealthier. It makes no sense because medicine is supposedly better today than before. We are getting sick and dying before the time when we supposed to. Yet, preventable health problems such as obesity are rising. So, why aren’t we solving these problems? Nature has been neglected and it is something that we have to look at. As we try to take over our bodies, nature is getting waylaid on the side. Perhaps, we need to take a look back and find out the link between mind and body. We need to ensure ourselves if we do things right. As we see today, the results are far from desirable.

We are now letting ourselves override nature and it is something that has a profound negative impact to our health. We are no longer allowing our bodies have a say in the health aspect. Dieting is something we do because it may be the fad, and not because it can benefit the health. This could be the reason why we always fail in our fitness goals. We sometimes neglect our health to the point it run a lot of risks. The body will tell you if it had enough.

The best answer is to do nothing. Let nature take the wheel and don’t do anything. You need not to make a decision to go on a diet or if your body needs weight loss cleanse, the body will tell you so.