These New Details Will Help You Take Care Of Your Colored Contact Lenses

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Most people, at some point in their lives, have wished they could change the color of their eyes. Although there are some surgeries that can take care of this desire, most people prefer the safer option of using colored contacts. With colored contacts, a person can change their eye color and still be able to see with their prescription. As with any contacts, it is imperative a person is able to know the steps they need to take to properly care for them. Proper care will extend the life of the contacts and protect a person’s eye health against infections.

Before a person can begin wearing colored contacts, they need to see their eye doctor for a thorough exam. At an eye exam appointment, the doctor can measure their patient’s eyes and ensure their proper prescription is given. If a person is new to wearing colored contacts, it is advised they wear them for no more than two to three hours a day until their eyes grow accustomed to wearing them. These tips will help ensure a persn’s lenses are properly cared for:

  • A person should never handle their contact lenses without thoroughly washing their hands first. The oils from the fingers can begin to break down the lenses. Bacteria on the hands can lead to infections of the eye.
  • It is important a person keeps their nails cut short because long nails can easily damage a contact lens. Even the tiniest of tears can make wearing a lens uncomfortable. Tears will also distort a person’s vision.
  • Individuals need to make sure they clean and store their lenses with an approved, sterile contact lens solution. A person should never use water or any other liquid to clean their lens. No other liquid will be sterile and can end up causing eye infections or lens damage.
  • It is vital a person cleans their lenses and stores them in a clean case with fresh fluid once they are done wearing them. This is one of the most important steps a person can take to protect their lenses.

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