Toothbrushing Tips

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Most people know that caring for their teeth on a routine basis will help to keep dental problems from occuring. Maintenance of the teeth includes regular brushing sessions. Knowing how to brush the teeth properly will ensure a positive experience when visiting a dentist for a cleaning. Here are some tips to consider when brushing the teeth to help in the elimination of plaque and tartar build-up.

Set A Timer

It is best to brush the teeth for at least two minutes, two times a day. This will give the teeth an ample cleaning session, helping to remove bacteria and debris from the mouth as needed. When brushing, it is hard to gauge how much time is spent on the cleaning process. Setting a timer is a good way to ensure two minutes are met during each brushing session.

Know The Brushing Order

Start with the brushing of the back portions of the mouth. This will help to sweep any debris dislodged from areas out of view to a spot where it can be seen easily. Brush both the top and bottom of the mouth, moving from one side of the mouth to the other. After the back portions are brushed, move toward the teeth used for chewing. Again, brush both the top and bottom of the mouth, ensuring each side of the mouth is cleaned. Finally, brush the front teeth.

Tend To The Tongue

The tongue should be brushed near the end of a cleaning session. Since bacteria can be harbored between taste buds and in crevices, cleaning the tongue well will help to protect the teeth from bacteria accumulation. Rinse the toothbrush after cleaning the teeth and brush the tongue’s entire surface for a few seconds. Be sure to rinse well with water after this action is completed.

When there is a desire to learn more about proper brushing tactics, seeing a dentist can be beneficial. They can give recommendations on how to care for the teeth and will be happy to provide an evaluation of the condition of the teeth if needed. Contact Minovi Dental in Washington DC today.