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When one compares the mode of education in 19thcentury and the present mode of learning, there is an evident difference.Similarly, methods of educating children in the modern society is also different from the mode of learning that children used to have in the ancient times. The major changes occurs in various technological aspects that have presently contributed to the rising change not only for small children but also on education of grown-up youths. To a greater extent technology advancement has enabled the education of children even though it has also led to some positive as well as negative changes on the young generation. This can be evidenced in the way present children are absorbed in playing video games that were not in existence in the older days. Elites note that the early generation children substituted their play time to more vigorous field games that were the only option since the video games had not come into existence by then. It is undeniable to link the change of mode of education on present children to the laxity of parents on proper child guidance concerning video games. The wide spread addiction to video games not only deteriorates the academic performance of children but also result to rising moral decay and loss of genuine respect required from children.

Searching for much information on the planet through thorough learning is a skill for the few individuals in the society. Exploration is a form of education that enables a person to understand what might be happening in the outside world away from classrooms. Educators might not have the talent of implanting the nature of exploration on children though they can give an guidance on the worth of exploration. A student with nature of exploration would use internet access to acquire knowledge and stop wasting time on social media and watching movies. However, many sites of entertainment on the internet has affect the explorative nature of children in the present society their by affecting their reasoning.

Affluence can be explained as a state where an individual can have the capability of attaining all their needs without straining on moneys. Wealth in a family can have both positive as well as negative impacts on the education of children. For instance, most children in wealthy homes tend to have all the resources that they might require in learning to enrich their brains. Conversely, most children from the affluent families do not actually use all the resources they have. In its place they use their resources in embracing the luxuries lifestyle provided by their parents. This limits their chances of integrating some natural aspect of education that might end up affecting their morals in the future.

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Smart Ideas: Classes Revisited